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Genre: Experimental Progressive Metal

Based in: Bendigo, VIC

Tom Liddall - Vocals
Jason Styles - Guitar
Brodie Stevenson - Bass
Jamie 'Hopper' Hopley - Drums

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Starting with close lifetime friends Brodie and Jason they started their journey years ago together in bands, playing lots of shows and getting pretty well noticed for their crazy musical abilities and the pure fact that they knew how to party. As years progressed Brodie and Jason went separate ways which sparked an offer for Brodie to become a vocalist for another local metal band meeting bass player Tom. After unfortunate unforeseen circumstances Tom and Brodie moved on together to yet again another local band this time meeting the machine behind the kit 'Hopper' and Colin who was close friend who dedicated himself to being our personal sound engineer,after 2 years of writing recording and playing shows the unfortunate struck again separating Tom and Brodie from Hopper who had higher commitments than music at the time.
Pushing on together Tom and Brodie tried again joining another band swapping roles on bass and vocals this time getting back in contact with Jason to come and play also, 12 months of successful writing and more shows even recording an EP you guessed it another depature Tom,Brodie and Jason moved on together. After all the hard work that had been delivered over the years friendships lost and the curse of bands failing we noticed a positive trend in our rocky path and realised straight away what we needed to do, we're gonna do this together the way we want. This instant positive vibe caused us to contact Hopper again and just by strike of luck he had been quite active musically and was on board to create what we now have OBSCURE. The vibe that we have now is like nothing we have had before because we are a group of close trusting and understanding mates it makes being in a band together so easy and fun.
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Obscure Live

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