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Genre: Groove Metal / Metalcore

Based in: Gold Coast, QLD

Vocals - Benjamin Gallaher
Guitars - Chris Hyde
Guitars - Simon Gerlach
Bass - Alex Simic
Drums - Joe Shirley

Years active:

The Unwanted Truth Demo (2014)

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Desmantra was formed in 2012 by Tim Delaney, Patrick Morwitch and Kris Unwin with the intention of creating hard hitting groove metal. They soon recruited vocalist Ben Gallaher and Alex Simic who was originally the lead guitarist. After the bands founders left for other pursuits, Desmantra focused on creating their unique sound and came to find their final line up consisting of new members Chris Hyde (lead guitar), Simon Gerlach (Rhythm guitar) and Joe Shirley on drums with Alex moving to fill in for bass. The band has evolved to mix metalcore and progressive style riffs with groove bass, solid drums and harsh and clean vocals. After a long search, the band has shows lined up this year with an E.P in the making.