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Consider Me Heartless
Consider Me Heartless

Genre: Metalcore

Based in: Bundaberg, QLD

Jon Ward - Drums
Jake Bury - Vocals
Michael Ward - Vocals
Billy Weston - Guitar
Julian Dunbar - Guitar
Zachery Joseph - Bass

Years active:

Dreamwalker EP (2014)

Social Media:
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Consider Me Heartless


With no one in the band older than 21, Queensland's Consider Me Heartless typify the new standard in heavy music of being really good, really young. Mates since forever, the six members of the band each bring individual skill and creativity to the mix, but it is their natural chemistry together that is the heart of the band.

Consider Me Heartless' debut EP, Dreamwalker (due September 5) is a powerful summary of who they are and what they do: the metronomically tight rhythm section of drummer Jon Ward and bassist Zac Joseph, the brutal detuned guitars of Billy Weston and Julian Dunbar, and the twin vocal attack of Michael Ward and Jake Bury. Woven through this, choral vocals and haunting keys that offset the band's heaviness with fragility. Metal, fractured with rays of ambience.

Although at the absolute start of their career, Consider Me Heartless have used their passion and creativity to start amassing fans, garner their first wave of radio play, and solidify themselves as a formidable live band. Now with their first recording in hand, Consider Me Heartless are ready to take their music out into the world and just see what happens.

Over the expanse of three generations, heavy music has evolved into an incredible universe all its own, with literally hundreds of genres and sub-genres speckling its cosmos, some separated by differences so subtle they can only be spotted by true devotees. Each generation has stood on the shoulders of the one before it, constantly raising the bar of musicianship, creativity and skill, to arrive at the point where today's young musicians are frighteningly adept right from the get-go.


Consider Me Heartless


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