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Mytile Vey Lorth
Mytile Vey Lorth

Genre: Black / Death Metal

Based in: Canberra, ACT

Nathan Atkin - Drums
Steve Barton - Vocals
Chris Smith - Guitar
Chris Hoogesteger - Guitar
Chris Dowling - Bass

Years active:

Moloch (2013)
Disillusion (2007)
Promo 2004 Demo (2004)
Mytile Vey Lorth (2002)

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Mytile Vey Lorth


Mytile Vey Lorth's existence has been a lengthy and empowering progression since forming in 1999 in Canberra, Australia. The band initially started experimenting in the doom/black realm for several years which included a female vocalist and keyboards which was released in 2002 on the self titled EP.

Moments after, the band stripped away from what was holding their writing capabilities back and progressed into what their trademark sound has been for all years to come, an extreme blacked death metal creation drawing influence from both black and death metal fields generating a sound that is brutal, sharp and relentless.

In late 2005 they started recording their latest album "Disillusion", at Redsun Studios in Canberra. Completing the album in 2006 it was destined for a European label (Which will remain nameless), then after a long deliberation they decided that they were unable to continue with the record label, due to lack of support from the label.

In February 2007 MYTILE VEY LORTH signed with Australian based label PRIME CUTS MUSIC for the release of the album "Disillusion", which was released in April 2007 and distributed nationally by MGM.

In late 2010 the band recorded their upcoming release "Moloch" with Scott Carter (Aeon of Horus) and in 2011 had the album mastered by Dan Swano (Katatonia, Bloodbath, Opeth etc) and are currently seeking a label for the release. Also during 2010 the band signed to booking agent, ASSIDIAN whom also offered management during this period.

On the live front Mytile Vey Lorth has shared stage with some of the worlds metal greats including Nile, Decapitated, Kataklysm, Ackercocke, Psycroptic, Alchemist, Abominator, The Bezerker, Nervecell to name a few and have also performed at festivals such as Metal For The Brain, Bloodlust, Metalstock and Chaos A.C.T.

The focus of Mytil Vey Lorth in 2012 for members Steve Barton (Vocals), Chris Dowling (Bass), Chris Smith (Guitars), Chris Hoogesteger (Guitars) and Nathan Atkin (Drums) is touring to co-incide with the upcoming album release "Moloch" aswell as an already confirmed performance at Chaos A.C.T. VI, which is held in MVL's hometown, Canberra.


Mytile Vey Lorth Mytile Vey Lorth Mytile Vey Lorth
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