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Genre: Metalcore

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Nic Gresham - Vocals
Peter Marshall - Bass & Clean Vocals
Jayden Schulz - Guitar
Ryan Paroz - Guitar
Zac Thrift - Drums

Years active:

Days After End EP (2015)

Social Media:
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Eternalist are a five piece post metal/metalcore band seeking to take the technicality of Architects, the catchiness of The Amity Affliction, and the ambient backings and spine tingling breakdowns of Bring Me The Horizon, and combine them all into a jaw dropping, energetic, and unique sound.

After such positive feedback from their debut EP 'Days After End' released April 2015, written by original members Nic Gresham (vocals), Peter Marshall (bass//clean vocals), Jayden Schultz (guitar), and Zac Thrift (drums), it was apparent that Eternalist needed to complete their line-up and start performing.

This hurdle was overcome with the addition of Eternalists second guitarist Ryan Paroz in July 2015. Now with such a perfect line up and a tight, energetic live set, the boys' will be smashing into the industry and kicking off the journey with a string of local shows.


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