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Bane of Winterstorm
Bane of Winterstorm

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Mark Kennedy - Vocals
Andrew Hudson - Guitars
Chris Themelco - Bass
Dean Kennedy - Drums

Anthony J. Finch - Guitars, Vocals, Orchestrations

Years active:

Upon the Throne of Ravnoraak EP (2015)
The Last Sons of Perylin (2013)

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Bane of Winterstorm


Carved from bone in 2009, Bane of Winterstorm are an unrelenting force in a new wave of symphonic metal. Fusing crushing heaviness with a powerful and progressive nature to create a unique sound that takes symphonic metal to new menacing heights.

The release of their debut album 'The War of Shadows I: The Last Sons of Perylin' saw the band take the world by storm, with its roots deep in European power metal the delved deep into trash metal to allow their sound to breathe a certain darkness over the usually uplifting genre. A foreboding terror looms over soaring melodies, while epic choirs chant over blast beats and crushing riffs creating a balance of graceful and menacing tones.


Bane of Winterstorm