Order of Chaos
Order of Chaos

Genre: Death Metal / Hardcore / Punk

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Terry Vainoras - Bass & Vocals
Evan Coops - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Matt Rizzo - Drums & Backing Vocals

Years active:
1995-2003, 2008-

Deadweight Undertow (2014)
Eyehate Swansongs (2009)
Order of Chaos EP (2002)
Perpetual EP (1998)
You Do Not Exist Demo (1995)

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Order of Chaos


The Order of Chaos was formed in 1995 by Terry V, the mission and vision back then to combine the Twin Guitar harmony styles of British Metal with the brutality of mid nineties American Death Metal with Anti-authority lyric concepts more at home in punk music than the gore soaked words of the bands
This first line up spawned the "You do not exist" Demo Tape (Remember those?) recorded by Adrian Dewitts at Toybox studios and another e.p that never saw the light of a release.

Two years and two new members later in the form of Evan Coops and Matt Rizzo, the new Quartet released the e.p "Perpetual" recorded by Lloyd Barrat at Soundvault studios, Finding distribution through Warhead records and selling well Australia wide,it saw the band make the first of many Interstate Travels, most notably a coveted spot on the "Metal for the brain" festival in Canberra 1999.

The turn of the millennium brought another change to the bands line up, bringing original guitarist A Mcginty back to the fold on bass duties. Entering Toyland studios with Adam Calaitzis at the helm, the boys began recording their Debut Full Length album "Intertwined in Totality" ten tracks of refined Melodic Death metal, taking cues from the New wave of Swedish Death metal that was gathering serious momentum overseas at the time, many years before it became popular in metal and hardcore circles in Australia.A collaboration on vocals came about with matt and terrys then Hellspawn bandmate Matt Skitz on the title track.

Another two years on and with Mcginty's second departure,the remaining core trio of Terry, Matt and Evan plotted a new direction in sound, stripping away the technical layering and melody of old for a "less is more" attitude to riffing, a Groove metal with Hardcore influence approach, resulting in the 2002 Self titled e.p recording again with adam at Toyland. This opened a new door for the guys, allowing them shows both with metal and hardcore bands, which they pursued through out that year, before External commitments and pressures forced them to disband early in 2003.

Yet like the Musical whores they are seperately the tunes continued, Evan and Terry with Canyonaero, Matt with Blood Duster, Watchdog Disclipline and Uncut white noise and Terry also with Insomnius Dei, Rhythmic Gibberish and The Eternal. Fast Forward to 2008, Terry asks the boys if they might consider recording ten tracks that was left behind from the 2003 era to complete the body of work for the band. A rehearsal followed, with all three members overwhelmed with how these tracks had not aged in the Five year interim, feeling like they had come to rehearsal the week after!! So with great pleasure Evan, Matt and Terry announced the reformation of Order of Chaos. Entering Toyland studios once again in winter 2008 to record the new album titled "Eyehate Swansongs" the boys returned to the Melbourne Live Scene after a five year absense in 2009...

After a number of years on the gig guide and in the jam room crafting new material 2013 saw Order buckle down to record the new album
"Deadweight Undertow" a mixture of the guys roots in Death metal with their mid era metallic hardcore smarts and a new found punk undertones.
Recorded Live in two days with guitar and vocal overdubs later on, the album was mixed and mastered by Jason P.C at his Goatsound Studio
in Melbourne. Deadweight Undertow saw the light of day on June 22, 2014.


Order of Chaos Order of Chaos Order of Chaos Order of Chaos Order of Chaos
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