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A Greed Science
A Greed Science

Genre: Death Metal

Based in: Melbourne / Ballarat / Echuca, VIC

Francesco Camobreco - Vocals
Lee Thompson - Guitar
Simon Kennedy - Guitar
Shane Dowling - Guitar
AL Porteous - Drums

Years active:

Ignorant Being EP (2013)

Social Media:
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A Greed Science


A Greed Science is an extreme metal band from Australia with roots in 90s death metal, thrash, doom, hardcore and grind mixed together into a cornucopia of awesomeness. Recorded by Adam Calaitzis (Damaged) and guitarist Tomo, the 6-track EP Ignorant Being was released recently.

Growing as poor metal kids in Victoria from the days when bootlegging gigs was still done by cassette, the pub shows by Australian metal bands such as Blood Duster, Damaged and Beanflipper built their sound, and formative record store raids included stuff like Sepultura, Obituary, Pantera, Brutal Truth and Napalm Death.

A Greed Science are not declaring war on fads in metal, because they don't even know what they are anymore. Scattered as they are throughout rural Victoria, economic refugees from Melbourne, they chip away in hermitude at the songs and arrangements alone, over and over, before gathering in Melbourne like migrating spider crabs.

Formative experiences:

Damaged live and in full flight in 1994

Slayer's South of Heaven and Seasons and the Abyss on either side of a TDK c90 cassette

Carcass's Incarnated Solvent Abuse on Rage at 3am in 1992

First hearing a blast beat and laughing, before realising that it is awesome (Napalm Death, Lucid Fairytale)


A Greed Science
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