Genre: Progressive Hardcore

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Zakk Ludwig - Vocals
Caleb Patch - Guitar
Ben Warrington - Bass
David Hensler - Drums
Kurt Doglione - Guitar

Years active:

Pandora's Box EP (2014)

Social Media:
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Hailing from Brisbane, the down-tempo/hardcore outfit of Apate formed in the middle of 2013. The band soon went to work on their debut single, entitled "Stick Tight," which they released at the end of July of that year. The single and the rest of their explosive set got their quickly expanding fanbase moving and singing along throughout. They finished off 2013 by hitting the studio to record their debut EP, which would turn into Pandora's Box. Pandora's Box would be released April 12th of 2014 and quickly followed by the band's Katy Perry cover. The band would continue playing shows and working to climb in the Brisbane scene before releasing their next single "Purgatory." The single soon caught the attention of Imminence Records, who was eyeing an expansion into Australia, and the band announced their signing in the middle of March. 2015 will see the band hitting the road and working on their label debut.