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Aeon of Horus
Aeon of Horus

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Based in: Canberra, ACT

Andy Annand - Vocals & Keyboard
Carlo Beasley - Guitar
Adam Brown - Bass
Ben Hocking - Drums
Peter Meere - Guitar

Years active:

Existence (2014)
Exile EP (2011)
The Embodiment of Darkness and Light (2008)
Aeon of Horus EP (2007)

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Aeon of Horus


Formed in Canberra Australia in 2006, Aeon of Horus craft a unique brand of progressive metal. Thoughtful rhythmic complexity and modern guitar technicality cross paths with electronic, symphonic and ambient sounds begging a contrast of styles unique to the Australian quintet. Pulsating with blatant energy, yet subtle and creative in ways beyond their metal origins; Aeon of Horus provide the new sound of Australian metal.

Aeon of Horus have three releases to date; Aeon of Horus EP (2006), The Embodiment of Darkness and Light full length (2009) and the EXILE EP (2011). The latter two releases have been met with critical acclaim both in their home country and on the international stage.

In 2012 Aeon of Horus entered the The Brain Studios in Sydney with engineer Clayton Segelov to record their sophomore full-length entitled 'Existence'. The forthcoming release, to be mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs (Textures, The Red Shore), will manifest the band's unrelenting focused vision.

Aeons of Horus have been honing their craft and sound relentlessly - the culmination of which is Existence. Not content to remain stagnant; the sophomore effort sees the band experiment with and explore their 70s progressive, electronic, ambient and jazz influences against a backdrop of well-crafted death metal. Existence is an epic sensory experience - crushing with intensity and technicality; but focused and thought-provoking in ways appealing to not just fans of the metal genre. claimed that Aeon of Horus has the ability to take the metal world by storm. PowerPlay Magazine (UK) proclaimed the band as 'some of the best death metal we've heard in a long time'. What is clear is that Aeon of Horus have a unique vision and show no signs of slowing in its pursuit.


Aeon of Horus Aeon of Horus Aeon of Horus Aeon of Horus

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