Atra Vetosus
Atra Vetosus

Genre: Melodic Black

Based in: Launceston, TAS

Josh 'Thorodan' Gee - Vocals
Josh 'Slikver' Young - Guitars & Vocals & Composition
Damon Parker - Guitars
Matthew Lopez - Bass
Joseph Bound - Drums

Years active:

Voices From The Eternal Night (2013)
A Palace Shrouded in Emptiness Demo (2011)

Official website:

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Atra Vetosus


Atra Vetosus are a melodic black metal band formed in March of 2011, originally consisting of 2 members Thorodan (Vocals) and Slikver (Instruments, composition backing vocals).

Soon after, recording begun for an upcoming release, and on November 17, 2011 their demo titled A Palace Shrouded In Emptiness was released via Immortal Frost Productions. Following the release, Atra Vetosus started recruiting a full line up in order to play live shows. When Atra Vetosus had a full lineup, now including Damon Parker, Matthew Lopez and Josef Bound, they started playing shows in Tasmania and Victoria.

In March of 2012 all the material for a full length album titled Voices From The Eternal Night was written by Slikver. On the 20th of March 2013 Voices From The Eternal Night was released via Immortal Frost Productions for purchase or free download Atra Vetosus continue to play live shows and grow in popularity in Tasmania and around the world.


Atra Vetosus Atra Vetosus


Voices from the Eternal Night 2013

Voices from the Eternal Night

Atra Vetosus are from Launceston in Tasmania. On their website they have described themselves as "melodic black metal" and they are exactly that. Their debut album Voices from the eternal ... read

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