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Genre: Death / Tech / Metal

Based in: Newcastle, NSW

Adam - Guitar
Legion - Bass
Mitch - Guitar
Dave - Vocals
Macca - Drums

Years active:

Virus EP (2011)
Teratology EP (2003)

Social Media:
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The self dissolution, or self digestion occurring in cells, by enzymes within themselves. Prognosis frequent occurrence in the presence of death.

A ferocious amalgamation of extreme metal, from the hellish brutality of death metal, the relentless ferocity of grind core, the musicality of tech metal and the soulful carnage of thrash. Lyrically focused on subjects such as biological weapons, the military industrial complex, the individual vs the system, and the death and destruction that lies at the fithy underbelly of western civilisation.

2003 - Autolysis was formed by Jessie Murdoch and Paul McIntyre primarily as a recording project the ep: "Teratology" was created.

2004 - Jessi had taken up vocal duties with Sydney out fit Flesh Mechanic and Paul subsequently began playing guitar for Newcastle rock band Schlauncher.

2007 - Paul joined forces with Adam Minter, much of 2007 through to 2008 when Jason Marais Joined on Bass.The solid line up was complete with Richard White taking up vocal duties, and when Mitchell Duckham joined the band on Guitar in 2010.

Oct 2011 saw the release of the "Virus" EP featuring four brand new tracks.\m/

Autolysis have begun gigging in and around the Newcastle and Sydney area and is now setting their sights on gigs in all major cities through out Australia.

2012 - work on a second release has commenced, taking up where Virus left off. Material of a punishingly relentless nature will be initiated in 2013.

Bass player Jason Marais has recently departed from the fold to pursue life elsewhere.

Legion now on the bass guitar, all systems go.



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