Genre: Progressive Power Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Mike Zoias - Vocals
James Draper - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jonathan Talan - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Nathaniel Smith - Bass
Steven O'Farrell - Drums

Years active:

Wasteland EP (2014)
Requiem (CD) 2011
Avarin (DEMO) 2009
Omniscience (DEMO) 2007

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Avarin are a Progressive Metal band based in Sydney whose music runs the spectrum of heavy but melodic, to subdued and soulful, crafting adventurous arrangements around soaring melodies and thought provoking lyrics. Our compositions and arrangements are dynamic and adventurous and reflect our eclectic influences which include bands such as Black Sabbath, Fates Warning, King Crimson, Queensryche, Savatage, Rush, Alice in Chains and A Perfect Circle to name a few.

Avarin have been playing regularly in the Sydney scene as well as interstate for the past four years and we released our debut album, "Requiem" in 2011. The album was mastered by the legendary George Marino (RIP) at Sterling Sound New York City, with the band officially releasing the album at their headlining performance at Progfest Sydney 2011 at the Annandale Hotel. Avarin also released their first music video for the opening track off the new album entitled "The Unwilling" – racking up several thousand views on YouTube and garnering awesome critical acclaim.

Between 2011 – 2012 Avarin played a slew of shows in support of "Requiem" with highlights being the aforementioned headlining performance at Progfest Sydney 2011 at the Annandale Hotel, as well as travelling out of Sydney and interstate to play shows and festivals in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Queanbeyan, Canberra and Adelaide, sharing the stage with such acts as; Arcane (QLD), Caligula's Horse (Gold Coast), Chaos Divine (Perth), Synthetic Breed (Melb), Katabasis (N.S.W.), Meniscus(N.S.W.), Grun (N.S.W.), Hemina (N.S.W.), Anubis (N.S.W.), Darker Half (N.S.W.), Soulforge (N.S.W.), Eltgsnow (Singapore). 2011 culminated in the two day Steel Assassins Festival in Newtown, Sydney in November at the Sandringham Hotel where we shared the stage with International and interstate bands such as, Voyager (W.A.), Megahera (Italy), Eyefear (Vic), Raven Black Night (S.A.) and The Loving Tongue (S.A.).

"On the 6th of June, 2013, we had the immense pleasure of supporting one of our favourite Internal bands, the great Progpower band, Kamelot (U.S.A./Sweden/Canada) at their Sydney Concert at the Manning Bar (University of Sydney). The response of Kamelot's huge contingency of fans was extremely positive and welcoming beyond our imagination."


Avarin Avarin Avarin


Requiem 2011


I don't go much on power metal but Avarin are quite good. The first 2 tracks 'The unwilling' and 'Turn of the tides' sound very Iron Maiden but with a bit more style and ferocity. The third song ... read

Wasteland 2014


Avarin have returned to the fold again with their 3 track EP The Wasteland. Avarin had already some success over the past few years for example supporting Power/Symphonic metallers Kamelot in 2012 ... read

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Metal Evilution 17 Aug

Aug 17, 2013 Valve Bar, Tempe in Sydney, NSW
When I heard that Awaken Solace are coming to Sydney and are playing with Lycanthia, I couldn't wait for it. I have listened to both bands' albums quite a few times and really enjoyed their ... read

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Avarin Live

Beyond The Wasteland" Australia/NZ tour Sept/Oct 2014<br>Avarin