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Beast Impalor
Beast Impalor

Genre: Symphonic Death / Progressive Metal

Based in: Canberra, ACT

Tim Brown - Keyboards
Adam Kluckers - Vocals
Reece Paine - Guitar
Christoph 'Crispy' Uhle - Guitar
Nick Bennett - Drums

Years active:

Demo (2013)

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Beast Impalor


This band was formed with the need to excrete our brutal song names and heavy riffs along with epic boss battle keyboards!

Inspired by Dream Theater, Finntroll and Amon Amarth, our music is heavy, folky, fast and progressive.


Beast Impalor


Metal United Down Under - Canberra

Nov 29, 2014 The Basement in Canberra, ACT
It was a warm spring evening when I descended upon the Basement in Canberra for the first Metal-Roos nation-wide Metal United Down Under show. Being a patron of the Basement for over 7 years, it was ... read

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