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Genre: Heavy Rock

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Boris Billing - Vocals & Drums
Pete Black - Guitars

Years active:

Raise a glass (2014)

Social Media:


Born from the collective minds of Boris Billing (drums and vocals) and Pete Black (everything else), Brimstone is uncompromising in its direction, sound and attitude.

With a penchant for heavy riffs, melodic vocals and guitar solos, Brimstone's sound can be described as straight ahead, balls-out heavy rock.

Their self-funded debut album (aptly titled) "Raise a glass" - pending release later in 2014 - was produced by none other than Aria Award-winning Producer Steve James (The Sex Pistols, The Jam, Thin Lizzy, Hawkwind, Cold Chisel, The Screaming Jets, Airbourne) and mastered by Grammy Award-winning Mastering Engineer Tim Young (The Beatles, Queen, Iron Maiden, Elton John, Madonna).

But kick arse Producers and Mastering Engineers don't mean shit if there aren't kick arse songs, and luckily.....THERE ARE! Ten of them in fact!!

Crafted over three years of beer brewing, persistence, beer drinking, patient consideration and the occasional writing session, what began as a 5 track EP for a side-project, turned into a crushingly heavy full-length LP for hard rock force to be reckoned with.

The band:
Boris, best known for his work as the singing drummer in Aussie Rock outfit Weapon Head, cut his teeth on the Aussie rock scene through endless local tours and shows, as well as a US tour with Alice Cooper and Ronnie James Dio-fronted Black Sabbath.

Pete, a veteran of the Brisbane metal scene, has numerous credits to his name including metal acts Sevidica and Nefaria. With the aid of his brother's building skills, Pete erected his own private home studio where he has recorded tons of filth material including the guitars for Raise a glass.

The boys accept no substitutes and are damn proud of the raw honesty that "Raise a glass" delivers. This is straight up, heavy-as-Hell hard rock, with no pretence or desire to appease the suits to make a dollar.

So thanks for visiting this page, turn the volume up to 11 and Raise a Glass! \m/

All of Brimstone's photography and artwork were designed by the boys' brother from another mother - Jack Atley - who they recommend for all your artistic needs. His work is sharp as fuck and covers everything from Photography, Art, Film Clips and T.V Direction.




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