Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Matt Askeland - Vocals
Matt Boarder - Drums
Julian Fernandes - Bass
Mark Hamono - Guitar
Ian Mather - Guitar

Years active:

Anguish (2014)
Catacombs EP (2012)

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CATACOMBS formed in early 2008 with after a chance meeting of guitarists Mark Hamono and Ian Mather. After months of combining as well as refining their respective catalogues, it was clear that this was something that needed to be done properly. Friends of the band Matt Boarder (drums) and Julian Fernandes (bass) were found to be keen and later joined Mark and Ian. However the band struggled to find a singer who fit the bill until mid-2009 when Matt Askeland was found and completed the lineup.

The band worked for quite some time, crafting new songs, playing various shows and sharing the stage with acts such as Finnish doom legends MOONSORROW, Japanese sonic tormentors GxSxD and international death metal conquerors PSYCROPTIC, all adding to their esteemed reputation for thrilling, tightly performed melodic death metal.

2011 saw the band commence recording their debut EP, a self-titled, 4 track release which captured the band's sound and direction. After much anticipation, the EP was released in mid-2012 and received a great response.

During the remainder of 2012 and all through 2013, CATACOMBS continued to play shows all across Victoria, honing their live set and building on their melancholic sound. All the while recording their debut album, titled 'Anguish'. This debut album will be remembered for its furious and spirit-crushing drum blasts, vocals ranking among black metal's finest and including cage-rattling AMON AMARTH style chops. It's a disc that shall surely see Euro doomsters and Bay Area guitar worshippers united in an orgy of neck trauma.

CATACOMBS will be launching 'Anguish' early 2014.


Catacombs Catacombs Catacombs
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