Chambers Of Insanity
Chambers Of Insanity

Genre: Doomed Thrash Metal

Based in: Newcastle, NSW

Luke Cowan - Vocals
Adam Myers - Guitar
Steve Cigula - Bass
David Slattery - Drums

Years active:

Morningstar (2013)
Blood Stained Land Demo (2012)
Beer&Metal:Live in San Remo LiveEP (2009)
Toe Tappin' Metal Compilation (2008)
The Blood Divinity Single (2007)
Private Demo Demo (2006)
Bleed the Day Demo (2004)
Plague of Darkness EP (2004)
Live Demo Tape Demo (2003)
Obsidian Demo (2001)

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Chambers Of Insanity


Chambers of Insanity are the forgers of steel, bringers of glory and drinkers of ale. Lock up your daughters, don't worry about the wives.

This fellowship of sexual tyrannosaurus beasts was formed in the glorious year of 1999 by Adam and Luke, to be nothing more than a jammin' garage band. And jam they did. -They chose their weapons; Adam on drums and Luke on guitar

By 2004, after slight line up change, the catapulting of Dwayne from bass, and a few new members, the took it to the stages wage joy and glee across the land. They got paid in beer... and they were happy. -It was now Luke on vocals, Marshall and Nathan on guitar, David on Bass, while Adam remained on drums.

In early 2006, after several members leaving to pursue other interests, the band went on hiatus. -And then there were two; Adam went to guitar, while new member, James, took drummer duties.

2010; the hiatus was finally over and the qust was now on for new members. They found two young whippersnappers who were keen to join this outfit of extremely handsome men. -Luke on vocals, Adam and Jonesy on guitar, Davey on bass and James on drums.

2013; After the banishment of Jonesy and the abandonment of James in early 2012, the band decided to hit the recording studio to work on their debut album 'Morningstar'. The album was completed in late 2012 and was releases on the 6th of February, 2013. It was received well domestically and internationally.


Chambers Of Insanity Chambers Of Insanity Chambers Of Insanity Chambers Of Insanity Chambers Of Insanity Chambers Of Insanity Chambers Of Insanity Chambers Of Insanity Chambers Of Insanity


Morningstar 2013


When I saw the Morningstar cover art and logo for the first time, I was afraid that it will be another boring, crappy metalcore album. When I've heard the first song- "Feed The Moon", my ... read

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