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Chase The Ace
Chase The Ace

Genre: Heavy Metal

Based in: Bendigo, VIC

Jack Crosbie - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Tyler Maloney - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Mitch Charlton - Bass
Tara Crosbie - Drums & Backing Vocals

Years active:

Warriors of the Wasteland (2015)
The Evolution EP (2012)

Social Media:
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Chase The Ace


Chase The Ace began in 2011 in a garage with a group of school mates, aged between 12 and 14 years old. We started out playing 80's Rock. ACDC and Guns 'n' Roses mainly. Over the past year we wrote five songs, recorded them and made our EP 'The Evolution.' Influenced a lot by AC/DC, The Angels and Rose Tattoo. Since then we have gone down the heavier path, all of us now having heavier influences such as Metallica, Bullet for my Valentine and Megadeth. Now we are in the process of writing a new album with our new sound. We have been doing a lot of gigs around Bendigo playing with local bands. But now we are trying to get out and about hoping to play in Melbourne soon and branch out to other towns around Victoria. We are Hard, Loud, Energetic and Proud! Willing to play for anyone, anywhere, anytime!


Chase The Ace
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Chase The Ace Live

Lycanthrope - 'Lost Within This Wasteland' tour, May 2016