Claret Ash
Claret Ash

Genre: Black Metal

Based in: Canberra, ACT

James - Guitar & Vocals
Jared - Guitar
Nick - Bass
Arron - Drums

Years active:

The Cleansing (2015)
Ground Dweller (2013)
Basemental cd compilation (track - II) 2013

Social Media:
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Claret Ash


Claret Ash are a black metal band based in Canberra, Australia.

By incorporating atmospheric and melodic elements, a uniquely dark sound is born. Each song is a personal tale, carefully crafted to take listeners on a journey through landscapes and caverns to confront the themes and imagery.

Claret Ash began as a studio project and developed into a full band in mid 2012. By April 2013, Claret Ash had completed seven songs for a self-funded concept album titled Ground Dweller. The songs are linked through a similar theme and series of stories which deliver the atmosphere and intensity Claret Ash aspire to create.

A great deal of time and enthusiasm has gone into preparation for live shows to ensure the themes and darkness invoked within each song is experienced by the audience. With a series of successful shows beginning with the launch of the Ground Dweller CD on 1 June 2013, Claret Ash have supported Malignant Monster (WA), Orpheus Omega, Desecrator and Naberus (VIC), Psynonemous (ACT) and Bastardizer (NSW).
With a video clip, live videos and a follow up album on the way, Claret Ash begin 2014 with their first international tour in February, conquering Japan with Septic Flesh (Greece), Eyeconoclast (Italy) Svart Crown (France) and Fenrir (Aus).


Claret Ash Claret Ash


Ground Dweller 2013

Ground Dweller

Claret Ash are a Black Metal band based out of Canberra. They are unique in the fact that there aren't many black metal bands in Australia. Maybe our lifestyle doesn't really portray the evil and ... read


Claret Ash: Unleash 'The Cleansing'
Jun 26, 2015

Claret Ash: Unleash 'The Cleansing'

Canberra's finest progressive black metal export, CLARET ASH, unveil their new album The Cleansing. After a successful tour of Japan with Septic Flesh, Svart Crown and Eyeconoclast (February 2014 ... read

Tour flyer



Valve 8 August

Aug 8, 2013 Valve Bar in Sydney, NSW
Heading out to Valve in Tempe for the few last times... On a Thursday everything was a bit quiet and we mostly made it to Tempe to see Chud - a band from ACT and like NT metal bands ACT bands are ... read

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