Cold Red Mute
Cold Red Mute

Genre: Rock / Punk / Metal / Stoner / Cuntry

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Chrisitan Block - Guitar & Vocals
Joey Inturrisi - Bass & Vocals
Josh Block - Drums
Jaie Maher - Guitar

Years active:

Cold Red Mute (2013)

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"Damn this is good!!! This is what real Rock & Roll is all about. Loud, primal, vicious and delicious" - Mick Griffin,106.7 Phoenix FM

"This is hard hitting, in your face, blow your ear drums rock but if you listen close enough you can hear how well crafted these songs are and the pure quality of the structure and musicianship. If you like your rock loud and powerful but a little more refined you will love this" - Joe Grimes, Sound of Melbourne Records

The COLD RED MUTE story begins in a dark basement in country Victoria with brothers Christian and Josh Block jamming out vicious speed-freak rock/metal riffs, brooding stoner jams and dark country blues. After relocating to Melbourne and recuiting a punk-metal-bass-beast by the name of Joey Inturrisi, COLD RED MUTE set about creating a tight, brutal live set and a rock-solid debut LP...

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Calaitzis "Adam Cal" at Toyland studios (Bloodduster, Mammoth Mammoth, Dern Rutledge, Damaged) with support from Count Wogula at Wogula Pruductions, COLD RED MUTE's debut self titled LP is a V8 muscle-car blend of psychotropic punk, rock and metal combining the Monolithic, sand-devil riffage with the brutality of Motorhead, the drunken swagger of the sunset strip and the dark country madness of Tom Waits.


Cold Red Mute
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