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Genre: Alternative Hard Rock

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Andrew Bishop - Vocals
Glenn Parkinson - Guitar
Chris Chapman - Drums
Aaron Fisher - Bass

Years active:

Eleven : Eleven (2013)

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Copia are a 4 piece band based in Melbourne, Australia and bring a harder, heavier and more intense breed of epic-alternative rock to the table. Forging a riff-driven backbone with melodic orchestral wonderlads, Copia push sonispheric boundaries and demand positive change from every listener.

Copia independently released their debut album 'Eleven : Eleven' on the 25/07/2013 and in a short time have sold over 5000 albums across Germany and Australia.

"We spent a very, very long time working on this album and it is by far the most detailed project any of us have ever worked on. We wanted to make something that not only sounded huge but also had dynamics and took the listener into a journey with every song. We believe we have created everything we set out to achieve and more..." Glenn Parkinson (guitarist)

Each song on the album was developed from an idea on a single instument; pushing, pulling, adding and subtracting until the song took on a life of it's own. Once the core instruments (guitar, drums, bass and vocals) had a flow and purpose, upwards of 20 orchestral tracks were added to create the grandeur and colour that the listener hears on the finished product. Orchestration mastermind and singer Andrew Bishop (10+ years experience working on film scores and orchestration) built each orchestra part from the ground up and as a result has created the fusion between heavy and melodic to forge the unique Cōpia sound.

"We want people to say...'Oh yeah that's Copia' each and every time our music gets played." Kiran Khan (drummer)

As unique as the music is, Copia also have a unique and die-hard approach to promotion and getting their music heard. Equipped with iPods and headphones they have taken their music to the streets and gone one-on-one with the listeners. By doing this, they have been able to get tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of music fans to hear and spread the music. As a result they have sold over 7,000 records and collected an email database with similar numbers in a matter of a few months across Europe.

"The benefit of doing it this way is that we can play the music that we want to play, we don't have anyone telling us what we can and can't do. We predict that by this time next year we will have sold around 25,000 albums and handed out around 100,000 free sample promo CD's. A lot of people will know who we are!"

On their recent trip to Europe Copia played shows in Germany and supported hardcore heavyweights 'Northlane' across their Russian Tour (October 2013). The shows were very well received and were the first since the band released their album. The band plans on reurning to Germany and Russia every summer, with plans to spread to neighbouring countries like Austria, Switzerland, UK, France and more....




COPIA: Released new single and Australian Tour Announcement!
Feb 14, 2017

COPIA: Released new single and Australian Tour Announcement!

Melbourne's COPIA are today lobbing a clusterbomb of amazing news and announcements in the direction of fans - a brand new single, the announcement of their album release date and a tour to celebrate ... read

Dec 8, 2016


Melbourne's COPIA are today releasing their searing new single DISCONNECTED - along with a video so visceral and scathing in it's comment on the way humans treat life on Earth, it has to be witnessed ... read

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