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Genre: Aggressive-Progressive

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Abszolut Bela - Bass genius
Attila the Hun - Vocals & Caveman roars & Headbanging
Lajos the Magnificent - Drummer le Extraordinare

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COREDEA is a trio of drum, bass and vocals set to bring a fresh new sound to the Australian metal scene. Formed in 2011 May, Attila and Bela quickly found Lajos through the magical world of internet who came to the first rehearsal with badly sprained right leg yet he still managed to impress the other two by only using his left foot for his signature double kicks...

After the arranged one month break for recovery the 3 fresh prince of COREDEA took only a month a half to write their first five songs "The Hun King" "Wake Up" "I Know Why" "Faraway" and "It Does" and have their debut gig at the Lucky Australian Tavern's outdoor stage on 6000watt supporting ILContent and HAZMAT. They sure did turn heads and got many curious looks from the audience: "Where's the guitar sound coming from, They got no guitarist?!"

In only one year, they played 26 gigs around Sydney, Canberra and Katoomba with bands such as Darker Half, Our Last Enemy, RED BEE, Not Another Sequel Just Another Prequel, Foundry Road, Tensions Arise, Domino, In Element(Argentina), Before Ciada just to name a few. Recorded their hit song as a single, the "Mosquito" on the 18th of June 2012 with the help of Dr Clayton Segelov brain surgeon @ The Brain Recording Studios. They are currently working on their debut EP 'It Does' which will be released in the second half of 2013.

Yet one thing they still find hard, to answer questions like "So what kind of music are you playing?" Once they were told like the bastard child of Sepultura and Primus... Here is the recipe:
"Heavily distorted bass riffs backed up by dynamic pulsating drum beats and aggressive and melodic vocals are creating COREDEA's unique 'Aggressive-Progressive' sound."