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Cryptic Abyss
Cryptic Abyss

Genre: Groove Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

James Catarinozzi - Drums
Nathan Allen - Guitar & Backup Vocals
Damon Morley - Guitar & Backup Vocals
Calvin Cobby - Vocals
Kurt Morley - Bass

Years active:

Into The Abyss EP (2014)

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Cryptic Abyss


Cryptic Abyss is a four piece groove metal band from Melbourne, Australia that built up their current and original line-up in April 2012 with Damon Morley on vocals/Guitars, James Catarinozzi on the drums, Nathan Allen doing some backup vocals/guitars & Calvin Cobby on bass/backup vocals. Heavy music has always been a life passion for all four of them And is heavily shown in their music, influenced by bands such as Exodus, Lamb of god, Pantera, Testament, Devildriver, Black Sabbath & Slayer. You can definitely hear a lot of originality in Cryptic Abyss' music with a Thrashy, Groovy, Melodic and straight up Heavy metal sound!

"We have had so much fun ever since the very creation of the band, but when we first went onto that stage we knew that his was for us and through all the jamming and writing we have a six track EP set to be released early 2014 which we will be playing all those songs live so get down to a Cryptic Abyss gig!"

"Our number one goal would be to one day perform in front of a huge roaring crowd and so we will be striving to get better and better with each jam, until we reach the highest personal level possible, so that one day, we can make that dream come true."


Cryptic Abyss


Into The Abyss 2014

Into The Abyss

4 piece groove metal from Melbourne Australia

Opening track "grooveback" starts with Pantera style guitar work. This is a very solid unit and the precision in these tempo changes are ... read


Cryptic Abyss: Single from Debut Album reveiled; video clip; new basist joins band
Apr 24, 2015

Cryptic Abyss: Single from Debut Album reveiled; video clip; new basist joins band

Melbourne - Australia's groove-infused death metallers CRYPTIC ABYSS have officially unveiled the first single from their upcoming debut album. Entitled "Rusty Knife", this track demonstrates in full ... read

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