Cursing Stone
Cursing Stone

Genre: Rock / Alternative / Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Natalie Whitton - Vocals
Corey Wyer - Guitarist & Backing Vocals
Dave Thomas - Drums
Pablo Steiner - Bass
Clare Sadler - Keys

Years active:

From Ashes Reborn EP (2015)
Stars Single (2013)
Falling Single (2012)
Cursing Stone (2006)

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Cursing Stone


2014 sees the next evolution of Cursing Stone. With the release of the forthcoming album 'From Ashes Reborn', the band spreads their compositional wings, demonstrating artistic growth and brilliantly realised musical evolution. Building on the diverse influences behind 2006's self-titled debut, Cursing Stone again explore a plethora of musical ideas, with motifs drawn from Rock and Punk with an undercurrent of cinematic drama, all crystallised by the enchanting, silky voice of Natalie. While many of Cursing Stone's influences land squarely in the realm of European femme metal, the band has managed to maintain a unique, original sound. Carving out an exclusive niche and avoiding attracting any obvious parallels with other bands of the genre. It's this originality in both explosive live performance and studio composition that truly sets Cursing Stone apart and one of Australia's unique rock acts with a fan-base spanning the globe.


Cursing Stone Cursing Stone Cursing Stone Cursing Stone