Genre: Metal

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

El loco motive - Vocals, Didgeridoo & Fire Manipulation
George - Guitar
Steve - Bass
Jasper - Drums
The Secret Weapon - Exotic Dance & Fire Manipulation
Nyssa - Visual Screens

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DEMONFIRE is a stage show like none you have seen before. Rising from the smoking ruins of the band formerly known as DEMONIKER, DEMONFIRE is the new, slicker, more refined and impactful incarnation of the show. Incorporating everything from flame cannons, rings of fire, big screen visuals and exotic dancing through to toy bunnies exploding with blood, the stage show is a sensory explosion, a feast for the eyes as well as the ears.
The music is a mixture of tribal, metal, blues, classical, percussion and more. DEMONFIRE use lead didgeridoo, giving the music a unique Australian flavour.


Metal Heart 2015

Apr 18, 2015 The Triffid in Brisbane, QLD
This year it was held at The Triffid in the Valley. A short history on the venue may be in order. Powderfinger's bassist wanted to give something back to Brisbane, and has provided what used to ... read

Metal Heart Festival 2

Apr 26, 2014 Tivoli in Brisbane, QLD
The second Metal Heart Festival edition seemed worth a trip North. So we packed our stuff and made our way to Brisvegas. A lot balmier than the rainy Sydney we left, the trip was very pleasant ... read