Dark Horse
Dark Horse

Genre: Blackened Hardcore / Punk / Crust / Grind

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Freddo - Guitar
Romano - Bass
Fran - Drums
Dennis - Vocals

Years active:

Sick of the Living, High on Death (2014) LP

Dark Horse / Black Jesus - Split 7 (2013)
Newtown Knockdown - Live at the Sando (2013)
Dark Horse / Badaksinga - To Better Days... Split CD (2012)
Dark Horse - Demo (2011)

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Dark Horse


"As musicians, DARK HORSE are not to be fucked with - so many drum beats will punch you in the face, don't be surprised if you get a nose bleed after listening to this demo." CVLT Nation.

The band has played over 60 live shows in the last 2 years and is now gearing up to record their debut album. Ready to destroy for 2014. Dark Horse is touring Europe for the first time July 2014 & spearheading the tour with Obscene Extreme 2014 Czech Republic.

So far... The band has supported International acts Tragedy, Black Breath, The Subhumans (uk), PUNCH, Ceremony, Sotatila, Obscene Extreme Festival-Melbourne playing alongside Australia?s finest Captain Cleanoff, and Finnish powerhouse Rotten Sound. They also played with Australian mates Teargas, Black Jesus, Last Chaos, Agonhymn, Extinct Exist, Shackles, Depression, Nighthag many many more...

Dark Horse formed in early 2011 with Fran (drums) & Freddo (guitars), Romano (bass) and Dennis (vocals).

The band started playing shows in the local Sydney underground punk & metal scene. As the band gained momentum playing live shows with many of Australia?s extreme hardcore, crust and metal bands. They traveled to Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and Byron Bay, making friends and fans along the way. Total Attack Fest in Brisbane is the one the band loves the most.

Dark Horse has a split 7" with Black Jesus (Melbourne) being released on Grindhead Records. Oct 2013.

The band recorded a cover song for the CVLT NATION SESSIONS: The Nightmare Continues... from the seminal album Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing by DISCHARGE. There is a music video that was shot whilst in the studio recording the song.

Split 7" with Black Jesus on Grindhead Records (Oct 2013)
Newtown Knockdown - Live At The Sando (Live CD) recorded when supporting The
Subhumans (UK)

To Better Days... Split CD with Indonesian grinders Badak Singa

Demo 2011



Dark Horse Dark Horse Dark Horse Dark Horse Dark Horse


Bomb Thrower 2017

Bomb Thrower

I received this album a little while ago and to be perfectly honest it took me a while to get into it. I'm not the biggest fan of the Hardcore/Punk scene although I do respect the style. The album is ... read