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Dead End Kings
Dead End Kings

Genre: Metal / Rock / Thrash

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Nick Gayton - Vocals
Daniel Roberts - Guitar
Peter Anthony - Bass
Gavin King - Drums

Years active:

Surppressing the Grail (2015)
Dead End Kings EP (2011)

Social Media:
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Dead End Kings


Usually, a metal bands' bio starts off with 'from the concrete streets of....' or 'way down south where the murky waters and the devil combined...'. But Dead End Kings aren't that type of band. For too long 'metal' has been determined by tone or image or contacts, and its' true meaning has been blurred by the so-called taste-makers of our time. Coming together in late 2008, in the often misrepresented city of Brisbane, DEK soon realised that they had created a sound and feel that had been missing from the music scene for too long. 

Musically, DEK combine southern metal grooves, with straight-out thrash energy, infused with sludge and time-change intricacies. Nick has a distinctive vocal style all of his own which is raw, dirty and musical all in the right places. DEK fuse his vocal grit and melodies with shredding guitars and a thumping, groove-laden rhythm section. 

The band have already received airplay on Brisbane radio station 4ZZZ and shared the stage with local heavyweights,  Dreamkillers, Shellfin, and Lynchmada, proving their brand of heavy rock can cross genres - a goal the band have a made a point on achieving from their inception.

DEK pride themselves on entertaining and their onstage enthusiasm and energy is second to none. Every show is a memorable one and aims to bring back the 'power in music' mentality that's missing from the airwaves currently dominated by monotone, indie-rock ramblings. DEK are taking a defiant and cheeky stand to destroy the genre and categorisation barriers that plague the industry - no matter what your musical taste buds prefer, you're always welcome to DEK show. 

DEK are on a mission to free the minds of the masses, flooding their senses with what is at the core of our music - good times, rocking tunes, and a healthy abuse of the amber liquid. 

The boys have plans in the works to build on their already loyal fanbase by heading around the country in 2012 destroying beers and ears as they go!


Dead End Kings Dead End Kings
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