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Demonic Possession
Demonic Possession

Genre: Blackened Thash Metal

Based in: Perth, WA

Josh Voorn - Vocals & Guitars
Ash Meadows - Drums
Jackson Davis - Guitars
Jeff Barrett - Bass

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Demonic Possession


Demonic Possession formerly known as Adversarius was created in the mind of a Perth local Josh Voorn (Prisoners of Faith, Labyrinth, Beyond Never, Sombre and Amongst the Dead Things) back in 2010 wanting to create a band with his writing influences and abilities on guitar and vocals that were in the more extreme territory similar to Thrash, Black and Death metal.

Years of delays and other life conquests in 2013 Josh met Ash Meadows from Broken Hill NSW (Soul forge, From the Depths, Damnation and Shrapnel Burn) through an online Advert looking for like-minded musicians. A few emails sent back and forth with influences almost matching band for band, from that moment the two knew this could turn out to be a solid venture. The first track officially recorded was The Oath which was recorded through Josh's home studio consisting of a laptop and a guitar in the middle of the desert in a little isolated town called Cue. The track consisted of two tracked rhythm guitars two tracked lead guitars programmed drums and layered vocals. It was the blue print for what the band would become later on.

Mid 2014 the first jam session was played at Homewood studios in Welshpool were Josh and Ash decided they were able to play diverse styles of extreme metal together. Not long after a few beers and some disturbing jokes being flung around Ash's work colleague Jackson Davis (Sithe) joins the fold as a rhythm guitarist bringing a strong guidance and keen to play mentality, his ability to play tight brutal rhythm concreted his spot in the band as a strong member. The band was almost complete with one more member needed to finish the line-up, a bassist. for a few months of Josh's FIFO roster and a few challenges in securing a bassist Josh decided to ask long-time friend and ex band member Jeff Barrett (Peasant, Purrvurt, Purgatory, Brown h--n--'s, Wild Youth, Held 4 Ransom, Kloned Identity and Sombre) to join the fold. The jam with Jeff for the first time was a memorable one with booze late night metal DVDs and some way to loud for the neighbour's jam sessions. Nearing the end of 2014 the band has become even stronger after each jam and adding new songs to the bullet belt.

2015 and onwards Demonic Possession will be coming for your head!