Genre: Thrash Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Riley Strong - Vocals & Guitars
Scottie Anning - Guitars
Paulie Tipping - Bass
Jared Roberts - Drums

Years active:

To The Gallows (2017)
Down to Hell EP (2013)
Live Til Death Live Album(2011)
Desecrator EP (2010)

Official website:

Social Media:
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Some say thrash is back, Desecrator say thrash is dead and we are its fucking tombstone!

Fantastic industry response in has seen Desecrator playing the far reaches of Australia alongside such metal greats as Forbidden, Mortal Sin, Hobbs Angel of Death, Macabre and Toxic Holocaust as well as desecrating audiences with a devastating result across South East Asia on the bands first international tour.

Tracked live in Melbourne's iconic music venue 'The Arthouse' and mixed by acclaimed German thrash producer Harris Johns (Sodom, Kreator, Coroner) DESECRATOR's first release 'Live til Death' promises to be a statement against the now common over production of recorded metal favouring instead a return to the raw, loud and honest live roots from which the thrash genre was born. 8 uncompromising tracks of pure true thrash.


Desecrator Desecrator Desecrator Desecrator


DESECRATOR: Join AIRBOURNE on "Breakin Outta Hell Tour" in Europe!
Aug 21, 2017

DESECRATOR: Join AIRBOURNE on "Breakin Outta Hell Tour" in Europe!

Australian thrash maniacs DESECRATOR are confirmed, as Special Guests, on the AIRBOURNE "Breakin Outta Hell Tour" in Europe, kicking off on October 3rd in Valencia (Spain). See below the full list of ... read

DESECRATOR: Release Music Video For Thrash Is A Verb
May 2, 2017

DESECRATOR: Release Music Video For Thrash Is A Verb

One of the nations finest metal bands, Melbourne's Desecrator recently released their debut studio album To The Gallows via Melbourne based rock label Dinner For Wolves.
The thrashtastic music ... read

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Tankard's Chemical Invasion Australia

Jul 11, 2014 The HiFi in Sydney, NSW
The next of the Thrash Teutonic Big Four were in Sydney, TANKARD. Legends! A large crowd was lining up for Lorde, just opposite of the HiFi Bar. Where is your music taste, people? Luckily equipped ... read

Havok & King Parrot Tour

Feb 6, 2014 The Hifi Bar in Sydney, NSW
As clear night graced The Hifi Bar people were slowly coming and awaiting Havok. It was a good night for a concert especially for metal fans and people were in good spirits to thrash the night away ... read

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Desecrator "To the Gallows" Album Tour

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