Genre: Prog Rock / Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Erica Bowron - Vocals
Simon Owen - Guitar
Denis Custovic - Bass
Pete Kelly - Drums

Years active:

Where the Desert Meets the Sea (2013)
Shadows and Dust EP (2008)

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Domino are a Sydney-based 4-piece hard rock/prog/metal band who have been honing their craft since 2004. After the release of their critically-acclaimed 2008 EP Shadows and Dust, and two line-up changes in 2009, Domino are back - bigger and badder than ever. Where the Desert Meets the Sea sees Domino's maturation into a heavier, more seductive and layered sound while maintaining their unique brand of majestic Arabesque Progressive Rock.

Where the Desert Meets the Sea was recorded and mixed by the much-awarded Jeff Cripps at A Sharp Studio, Sydney and mastered by none other than Don Bartley (Metallica, INXS, Alanis Morissette).

Domino's particular sound harks back to early Zeppelin and was achieved by recording layer upon layer of guitars - some played with drum brushes and violin bows - drums tracked in reverse and of course, belting powerhouse vocals backed in parts by six-part choral sequences. Heavily-distorted bass guitar, violin passages and layers of percussion all combine to create a detailed, textured album which is reminiscent of its influences but also altogether new and masterfully blended to arrive at a timbre more complex than it first seems.

The raw passion and thundering power of a Domino performance is an experience to be remembered.


Domino Domino


Where The Desert Meets The Sea 2013

Where The Desert Meets The Sea

Where The Desert Meets The Sea is the first full length album by the band Domino who are self described as Arabesque hard rock/progressive metal. That is a very accurate description of this very ... read

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