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DrAlien Smith
DrAlien Smith

Genre: Doom / Post Rock / Metal / Experimental

Based in: Perth, WA

Alan Smith - All instruments, production and songwriting

Years active:

Phosphorus EP (2015)
Under Songs EP (2014)

Official website:

Social Media:
DrAlien Smith


Heavy and atmospheric instrumental music, influenced by a wide range of genres including Doom, Shoegaze, Sludge and Post Rock. Under Songs is the debut solo EP from Al 'DrAlien' Smith who usually spends his time mixing and mastering other peoples recordings at Bergerk! Studios in Perth, Australia. His former musical projects include Lux Mammoth (with Cat Hope), Matzal (with Steve Matzkov) and Smidirin (with James W.I.T Smith).

Written, performed and recorded over two years, the music from Under Songs is based on slow and melodic bass guitar riffs, distorted and detuned and then mixed with experimental sounds, noise, drums and haunting soft synths. The end result is the creation of soundtrack music to those darker and more reflective moments in time, a melodic slow burn.

Al Smith works on his own music inbetween his other studio work, which has included albums from bands such as The Devil Rides Out, Drowning Horse, Abbe May, Eleventh He Reaches London, Claim The Throne, Extortion and many more. Over the last 15 years Al has worked in the studio with over 300 bands from Perth and the East Coast of Australia.

The EP was released on the 12th of May and its available on Itunes, CDBaby, Amazon and bandcamp. It can also be streamed on Spotify and it has just been selected for Amrap's AirIt music catalogue.


DrAlien Smith DrAlien Smith