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Genre: Death / Thrash Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

David Hart - Vocals
Michael Galbraith - Drums
Robert Moisy - Guitar
Rickus Fleming - Bass & Backing Vocals
Matt Coon - Guitar

Years active:

Beg For Soma (2013)
The Jones St. Massacre Demo (2011)

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Bludgeoning their sound in a very dark alley that lies somewhere between a relentless battering of death and break-neck paced thrash, awaits the most exciting thing to come out of the Sydney metal scene in years.5 piece Drillsaw are poised for an audio-visual onslaught with their menacing compositions and offensive appearance.High energy, intensity and flatulence. Beers drink themselves out of fear. Fish drown.

Releasing and freely distributing the Jones St. Massacre demo in 2011 generated quite a buzz around Sydney and witnessed Drillsaw go on to join the stage with acts such as Melody Black, In-cyde, Moustache Ant, Til Rapture, Gutter Tactic, Terrorential and DeadLife to name but a few. Tracks were chosen from The Jones St. Massacre to feature on various compilations both local and abroad.The tidal wave Drillsaw spawned decimated even farther reaches when they set out in support of Kunvuk's 'Become Monster' tour of the east coast and inland NSW, fertilising an already growing fan-base in the process.Ever since the December 2013 release of their long awaited debut Beg For Soma at the Sydney Dime Show, Drillsaw have been hovering deservedly in and around ReverbNations's top 10 for Sydney metal.But they also have reputation for having a few laughs, which starkly juxtapose the seriously crushing riffage. They're not your typical straight-faced, arms-folded headbangers. Drillsaw don't take themselves too seriously, just their music. They believe that there's too much self-importance and too many over-inflated egos on the scene already.

So who are these wastrels and heretics?

Holding the mic; a Rollins-esque frontman with a penchant for devouring hecklers, an incredible range and powerful stage presence. When James screams, the punters stay screamed at.James has lots of 'clients' who would willingly perform many sexually questionable acts in the name of science.

Some say his genitals are on upside down... others say a guitar didn't wipe its arse after a mean goat curry and it woke up the next day with a human-shaped growth attached. All we know is Drillsaw call it Bob; and he's a furious purveyor of shred.
His ambition is to vomit on every stage, tile and panda in the world.

If playing bass for this erratic quintent isn't enough to cope with, Rickus juggles synth/samples along with backing vocals of this devastating hurricane.He keeps lollies and a 'bag of money' in the back of his van.

His rhythmic partner in crime; Matt would have to be the most metal guitarist on the planet with 4.666 fingers on his picking hand.Matt's good with video cameras.

Then there's Mike.
Mike is quiet.
Mike likes to hit things.
With sticks.
They say it's the quiet ones you should watch.
Rumour is he once set fire to an orphanage and he keeps knives in his beard.

Stop doing it wrong. Your ears are wasted every second you aren't listening to Drillsaw.




Beg For Soma 2013

Beg For Soma

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Metal United Down Under - Canberra

Nov 29, 2014 The Basement in Canberra, ACT
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