Endless Nights
Endless Nights

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Based in: Newcastle, NSW

Corey Argent - Vocals
James Strezov - Guitar
Ashley Mills - Guitar
Brock Perrington - Drums
Patrick Riddington - Bass

Years active:

Lunacy EP (2013)

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Endless Nights


Endless Nights, a Newcastle Melodic Metalcore Band featuring Corey Argent on Vocals, James Strezov and Ashley Mills on Guitars, Patrick Riddington on Bass and Brock Perrington on Drums.

Jack Colligan's (Previous Guitarist) previous band was in need of a new vocalist & bassist. This resulted in Jack finding Corey Argent & Patrick Riddington. Not long after Corey's entry to the band the current rhythm guitarist and drummer left. As a result Jack, Pat & Corey decided to begin a new project.

The band would need another guitarist and drummer. Whilst writing songs they worked on finding these musicians. Jack had found his long time friend Blake Manefield, who was also a guitarist for Exit For Freedom at the time. Then after a suggestion from Audie Cathcart, vocalist of Paradise Found, Jack came into contact with Brock Perrington, the drummer who was up for anything.

Now the band was complete, more writing and practice began. Not long after this, the topic of the band's name came into question. After input from the entire band, Corey's favorite suggestion of Endless Nights was agreed upon.

Things were moving! Then Blake announced his departure from the band. Within a day, Endless Nights were looking for someone to fill the spot. No longer than a fortnight later, James Strezov was found via a gumtree ad & was initiated into the band.

Months later after creative differences Jack departed from the band and after a short time this spot was filled by Ash Mills.

The band is currently recording and releasing their EP and looking to do big things in the future.


Endless Nights