Enter Six
Enter Six

Genre: Thrash Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Alex Vexler - Vocals & Guitar
Peter Beard - Bass & Back Vocals
Andrija Skocic - Drums

Years active:

Enter Six EP (2012)
Dreams (2000)

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Enter Six


Enter Six in An Australian metal band formed in Sydney in 1998 by Alex Vexler and Andrija Skocic.

In 2000 the band self-released their debut album "Dreams" which was followed by extensive touring in Australia, including an appearance at Metal For The Brain festival in 2001. After some line up change Enter Six took some time off playing live to allow the boys to hone their sound and work on new material.

In 2003 Peter Beard joined on bass bringing an influence of different style. A new sound was born.

Fast forward to 2013 and this three piece metal band is paving a new path in the metal scene today. Experience the NEW sound of Enter Six


Enter Six Enter Six




Who wants a smack in the side of the head? I didn't particularly, but I stood there like a man, gained my exposure then let this Sydney 3 piece riff machine take their best shots, and boy can they ... read

Dreams 2000


Thrash band Enter VI have had their album Dreams out in the world for along time now and this is one reviewer very pleased to finally have the chance to listen to this album. I was not disappointed ... read

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