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Envy Awake
Envy Awake

Genre: Metal

Based in: Perth, WA

Glenn Robinson - Vocals
Paul Colombera - Guitar & Synth & Vocals
Brad Lewis - Guitar & Vocals & Drums
Paul Hanscombe - Bass & Vocals

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Envy Awake


"The Boys From ENVY AWAKE were a little surprised when there Song" Plastic Soldier " Hit number 10 in 2 weeks on the Australian Metal Charts on jjj unearthed in Mid 2013 ,
With positive reviews and over a thousand downloads in a couple of days ,the bands reputation spun into existence towards the general public.
"The Band ENVY AWAKE was co Founded when Glenn Robinson Singer/songwriter Met Lead Guitarist/Producer/Songwriter Paul Colombera at a Sound Wave Festival in 2008 while Watching American Act Shadows Fall on stage.Fueled by a Mutual Interest of 70s,80s metal, the two began playing Metallica/Iron Maiden and sabbath in a brutal local Bunbury Cover Band Called "MASTER" being Master was short lived at the time but as four months of regular summer open house Parties Gate Crashing's and Boze shinagans in the south west this was a starting point for long term that was going be.
for the next 4 years the two were seperated >paul moved onto Melbourne were he studied at the Australian National Acedmey of music. but the two kept in contact.Glenn Moved back home to Perth were he founded and was lead singer for band Recovery being Glenn's almost 8th Band in his 15 year carea ,some how knew that there was again a fire force missing in his life
Which Glenn wrote in a recent interview "Ive Been performing and Singing since I was 14 , I never Made A dollar from it ,Ive have played with Great guys and kick ass musos ,had a brother bye his side on the stage ,but he died ,so many more worse times on the road than good ones ,but you just keep doing it" .. But what Glenn was missing a partner in crime with the same thinking patten and drive
.Summer 2013 after a four year wait Paul and Glenn reunited again ,The two started writing and recording Original Material in there combined home studio.
'It became clear right away that we had something worthwhile after the
first few demos' says Paul, 'Glenn and me just clicked, and we knew
the time was just right to bring back this classic sound.'"
The band was soon joined by drummer James Doherty who spiced
up the mix with both his powerful but devirse Dave Grhol -style playing and determination.
Envy Awakes name was then put down as a trademark
while on the hunt for a bass player which is and most properly will almost be the most hardest muso too, so they took on board an experiance man bye the name of Paul hanscome which was the ex member of very popular eastern state band (salmon Hater) , Paul was more than keen to join the envy chain gang and give its bass tempo.
very recently Envy Awake was on the hunt for A second Writer/lead Guitarist and another brother has jioned the patch..
Brad Lewis ex guitarist of many and including Deffleham, has shown to be a great asset to the band in writing and performing ,
with all line up complete and with possible prospects of having a keyboard player join ..'
Envy Awake is on a missoin to give you great music and live performance that you will consider remarkable of what Western Australian Perth Bands Have to Offer ....The Rest of the world should open there eyes and see before it is too late....