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Hope In Hand
Hope In Hand

Genre: Metal / Metalcore

Based in: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Hayden Edwards - Vocals
Joseph Keating - Vocals
Denham Lee - Guitar
Michal Mis - Guitar
Alex Tetis - Drums
McGregor Murchie - Bass

Years active:

In Light | In Shade (2013)

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Hope In Hand


The heavy backing of the symphonic, the harmonious onslaught of harsh and clean vocals surrounded by the auditory bliss of the melodic, all describe a musical act that is hard to categorise - Hope In Hand, as it exists today, was formed from a long road of past musical endeavours. After several projects of varying sound, the efforts merged. Now, the band has spent the last seven months recording their debut album 'In Light - In Shade'. It is now nearing completion and slowly approaching the time of distribution.

Hope In Hand is a band with its feet in numerous musical categories. However, 'genre' is a word that means nothing to a group that sets out to create music that - at the centre of which - holds the promise of a journey. Whether it be lyrically or musically, the story wrapped up inside the sound delivers the listener into a rapturous atmosphere. That is the single goal of the six member band (their musical tastes as spanerse as said 'genre'). With their recent signing to RTD Records, and an album on the way. 2013 is certainly looking to be a big year for Hope In Hand.


Hope In Hand