Icarus Lives
Icarus Lives

Genre: Hard Rock / Metal

Based in: Perth, WA

Sara Murray - Vocals
Chris Ayling - Bass
Taviri Starwood - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Cameron Michael - Guitar
Naomi Treacy - Drums

Years active:

Vantablack (2017)
Rising EP (2015)

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Icarus Lives


Icarus Lives are an Australian Perth based Female Fronted Heavy Metal band formed in 2014. Having influences from the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Iron Maiden, Metallica and various other artists. Young to the scene and working hard to make a name for themselves, Icarus Lives found themselves playing with the likes of Chaos Divine, Silent Knight, Let's Kill Uncle and many other talented bands in 2014. Having been given the chance to play with such bands had only driven the bands hunger to play heavier, tighter and more technical sets for the future! Icarus Lives was booked to play Daimonous open air, unfortunately the festival did not go ahead, but the band still played an hour long set with the local Bali bands at Twicebar in Kuta-Bali.

Icarus Lives have a lot planned for 2017, such as the new release of their full length album.


Icarus Lives Icarus Lives
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