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Kaustic Attack
Kaustic Attack

Genre: Thrash Metal

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Tim Maastricht - Vocals & Guitar
Josh Hyndman - Backup Vocals & Guitar
Sean Matulich - Backup Vocals & Bass
Josh Hendo - Drums

Years active:

Pointless Lies Split (2016)
Pseudo War EP (2014)

Social Media:
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Kaustic Attack


Previously known as Maltheist, comes Kaustic Attack! Nothing but pure thrashing madness, set to blow your earholes into oblivion.

After many lineup and sound changes within Maltheist, original members Tim, Sean, and Hendo sought out to find a new name that would match their sound and style. Thus, Kaustic Attack was born. Jimmy Green filled in the spot for guitar, with his shredding abilities capable of tearing you a new arsehole 3 times over.

They are working on their first ever EP, featuring the 3 songs 'Pseudo War', 'Hellfire', and 'Devolution'. It'll be released for your hearing pleasure by end of 2014!


Kaustic Attack Kaustic Attack


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