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Genre: Black Metal

Based in: Perth, WA

The Spectre - General Of The NKVD and Head of Intelligence

Sykdom Tankingrad - Captain of the Artillery

Sugg - General of Propaganda and Right Hand to The Chairman

Komrejd Jesus - Leader of The Black Army, Hero of the Proletariat and Beloved Uncle of the Revolution!

Years active:

Juche (2014)

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Maleficar started out in November 2012 as the two man project of Jon Sugg and Komrejd Jesus of Perth, Western Australia. The great depression we remember as 2013A.D. saw violetly fast development in the band, gaining members Spectre and Sykdom to complete the lineup, composing an impressively sized catalog of unreleased material and commiting much of it to live repertoire.

Unusual amongst blackmetal acts, Maleficar themes are primarily focused on the darkest corners of humanity as brought out in mankind by in war, particularly in the second World War. Why write dark lyrics concerning fairy tales and romanticist nonsense when there are far greater evils on our own mortal plane. Blackmetal has largely become a farse but Maleficar moves in a new direction, restoring the values that made it what it was at it's best while taking an entirely original approach. As hard as ever for audiences to recieve - a common identifier of true blackmetal!

Influences include Darkthrone, Mayhem, celtic Frost, Aura Noir and numerous other european BM bands both classic and obscure, aswell as some far less commonly heard influences, outside of blackmetal entirely.

The Maleficar sound will turn your stomach in dread, leaving the lasting impression that pure undiluted blackmetal should. The unparalleled stageshow will leave you unsure whether you should be cheering fist raised or mobbing the nearest policeman.




Rust In Perth 2014

Jul 12, 2014 Civic Hotel in Perth, WA
Presented by Executioner Promotions and held at the iconic Civic Hotel, RUST IN PERTH 2014 punished Perth with eleven hours of skull-crushing metal mayhem by eleven of Perth's slickest metal ... read