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Genre: Heavy Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Wez Holmes - Vocals & Bass
Alex Malmstrom - Guitar
Layton Rhodes - Drums

Years active:

Darker Shade of Hate (2002)
Zero Life EP (2000)

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MEDUSA are one of Australia's hardest working, independent, original, Heavy Metal bands.

The band was originally formed by Wez in Swan Hill,a town north of Vitoria back in 1987.The band knew they had something going well and established a large following,but they wanted more.So the band decided to shift to Melbourne in 1990. After recording several demo-tapes and building up a significant following in their hometown Melbourne, MEDUSA released their independent EP Zero Life in 2000. Several successful interstate tours followed, as well as air-play and favourable reviews not only locally, but also internationally, including an 8/10 in Europe's biggest selling Heavy Metal magazine Metal Hammer. In 2002 MEDUSA released their debut full-length CD Darker Shade of Hate and at the CD launch, sold out of merchandise in an impressive 25 minutes. Once again MEDUSA completed a series of successful interstate tours and Darker Shade of Hate also received a positive response both locally and internationally. MEDUSA have just re-packaged and received a distribution deal for Darker Shade of Hate which is now available internationally and nationally. In 2005 saw Alex Malmstrom join the band and MEDUSA wasted no time in writing new material with him and took the band to a new level of song writing with an ambitious hunger for success.

In May 2009, The back beat of MEDUSA ,Natalie Trembath decided to call it quits after 8 years with the band and embarked on her new journey in the music world. MEDUSA took a month off but kept writing new material and by July of that year started the auditions for a new drummer.
Lots of offers came about, but after an intense 5 months of auditions, Nicko Paez became the latest member of the band. Not only does he play drums, but also guitar and bass.
Nicko was a huge MEDUSA fan and had the first gig in March 2010. In June, MEDUSA was asked to be part of an International ROCK-u-mentary to be released world wide . The band was finally regarded as an international band and seen as one of Australia's longest running Metal bands,and now MEDUSA is back into writing new material for the upcoming CD. In 2011, Nicko decided to follow another road and left the band. It took almost 2 years to finally find a drummer who wanted to join. A Melbourne drummer by the name of Layton Rhodes.

MEDUSA is an independent band, not signed as yet, But has international distribution deal, that means All MEDUSA cd's are available in most countries.


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