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Genre: Stoner / Doom Metal

Based in: Melbourne, VIC

Matt - Guitar
Ferg - Guitar
Cyn - Bass
Nick - Drums
Cam - Vocals

Years active:

Three Kings in Darkness EP (2014)
Motherslug EP (2012)

Social Media:
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Motherslug's history begins at Pony, a local bar in Melbourne's CBD. A keen guitarist, Ferg, met a drummer, Nick, and they very quickly discovered they had common love for Kyuss, and drunkenly discussed the notion of starting a band.

Soon after the hangovers had cleared, Ferg and Nick were pumping out some heavy jams in the garage, mixing Ferg's Sleep like distortion guitar and heavy grooving riffs with Nick's hard hitting power drums. But it wasn't until Matt, a grungy dude with the red WA sand still in his ears, answered an ad for another guitarist did the real basis of Motherslug's low tuned heavy style develop.

To be truly in line with the bands direction, a four sting instrument was required, and after a few failed attempts, the bottom end hugeness of Cyn's bass entered the band, rumbling the riffs to another level. The slug was finally completed a year after the first jams when Cam joined with the unique vocals mixing the styles of Lemmy, Alice Cooper and John Garcia.

Motherslug first hit the stage in Feb 2012 at the Cherry bar, and since then have played all over the great city of Melbourne, Pony, Reverence, IdGaff, Old Bar, Cornish, Nash, Prague, Espy and Gasometer with some mega awesome bands. They soon gained a reputation for banging heads and choking the lungs of the those who witnessed this stoner doom five piece.


Motherslug Motherslug
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