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Na Maza
Na Maza

Genre: Metal

Based in: Canberra, ACT

Mila - Vocals
Iza - Guitar
Lance - Bass
Lloyd - Guitar
Nick - Drums

Years active:

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Na Maza


The Dawn of Creation
In the year 2007 from the smoke and ashes of a Canberra metal-core band known as Kolab walked Mila Haske, the former bands front-man. Mila was the persistent type and held his head high unaffected by his groups demise. Mila's positive outlook ensured that he did not see this as the end of a band, but an opportunity to start something new. He immediately began his search for talented musicians and found and old associate Beau Kelly who was ready to take on the challenge. The two reunited with a mission to create a band that was completely unique and vibrant in order to satisfy their melodious appetite.

The Coming of the Bald One
Merely weeks later Mila was approached at his work by Ian Martin (Iza), a bass player/Guitarist who had recently moved to Canberra and was coincidently seeking to join a metal band. When Ian asked him if he knew of such a band Mila quickly pointed a commanding finger at his face and eagerly stated "yep, me, you're hired" and the two promptly organised a time to meet and begin the madness.

The Borrowed Brother
Everything was quickly falling into place but the three grew restless and longed for percussion. Fortunately, Mila had already convinced his younger brother, Lucas, to provision his awe inspiring skills until the trio could find a permanent replacement.

The Awakening
After the bands first meeting, arrangements where made to rent a practise room at a local venue for the bands first practice session. Under the name of "Kolab" the band flew into rehearsal mode and after just a few months the band played their first gig at the very venue in which they gathered to practice. However, after a handful of shows the band could sense that the sound was not complete and was in dire need of some extra flavour.

A New Label
Lucas mentioned to the group in passing that an old colleague and friend, Josh Pearce, expressed an interest in jamming with the band. They immediately decided that it was a great idea, one which would add to the overall sound, allow Mila to focus on his vocals and set him free from his multiple roles as rhythm guitarist and Front-man. The Band then decided that due to the new line-up it was time for a name change. Mila suggested some names to the band over casual drinks and they unanimously nominated Na Maza. Which translated means "And Metal" in Lakota, in line with Mila's heritage and bloodline.

Ah… There it is

The addition of josh was a success and the sought after vibrancy and vigor was no longer absent. The bands writing style was raw, eclectic and unique but still heavily rooted in the style of metal core. With songs such as Phillip, Medi-lab, Betrayed by denial and Is this too tight. The band showcased its cathartic and energetic sound. They soon added songs such as Whiskey song, The Sixth and Rancid orchard to their repertoire. The band was beginning to build their set list, fan base and their reputation in and around Canberra. The band then established a Myspace page in order to grow its fan base by reaching out across the globe.
The Beginning of the End
Suddenly, everything came to an abrupt halt after Lucas, Josh and Beau consecutively announced their departure. Mila and Ian were now faced with a difficult decision to either begin the search for the missing pieces that would make the band whole again or give up on the dream they had passionately pursued. After much thought and deliberation Mila and Ian decided to push on.

White Noise
Trying to find members to fill the void was a long and arduous task. For the city of Canberra was once a flourishing well of musicians that seemed to have now dried up. Over the many months that followed, they unearthed what few eligible musicians they could from the countries capital. One of the first to audition for the band was an aspiring young thrash guitarist named Kyle Jackson. A musical perfectionist and a talented guitarist he had much to offer….. Even if who could talk the leg off an iron pot.

A New Recipe
After trialing three drummers and a guitarist the band decided to alter their approach and Iza easily moved from Bass Guitar to Rhythm Guitar. The band then recruited an experienced bass player by the name of James Bulj, who shortly after invited his brother Dick to audition for the vacant slot. The band was well pleased with the result of the first jam and they picked up right where they left off.

For many months they refined their sound and produced songs such as Get Gone, The Reprise and Stand and Deliver. The band soon found an aspiring Photographer by the name of Damien Larkin's who captured the first professional shots of the band. The band also began consistently producing merchandise such as men's and women's shirts, hoodie's, beanies, hats, singlet's and copies of live CD's. They had established a small income, their fan base expanded and their reputation once again grew stronger. The group entered into an international Battle of The Bands competition called "The Emergenza Festival for Unsigned Bands" and gained a place in the Canberra finals due to the support of their dedicated fans. The bands next challenge was to begin recording their material. They booked a session with Daniel Tonkovic, a friend and former musical colleague of Mila's and with a few hiccups the band embarked on their recording adventure.

It Wasn't Meant To Be
Several weeks later they received their first sample of the product, but it was not all that they had hoped for. The band began discussing ways to enhance their flawed demo and after ideas and solutions had been voiced there were disagreements as to what action should be taken. Due to this difference of opinion Dick and Bulj respectfully detached from Na Maza and yet again the band lay broken and threatened to fade and wither away. Mila, Iza and Kyle found themselves in an all too familiar pickle and the words "maybe we should give up" were finally uttered for the first time. After discussions they decided to go on hiatus while they searched for new musician's and pondered the future of Na Maza.

The Trojan Horse
It wasn't long before Mila happened upon an old friend, Nick Tartaris, who had recently been rendered "band less" and was eager to audition. He was given a copy of the bands live CD to practise to and a date was arranged for an audition. The three where shocked and amazed at what they heard as the young Greek drummer not only played their songs flawlessly, but also managed to play the mistakes the previous drummer had made during the live recording. After correcting the very accurate mistakes he was making they began to progress at an alarming rate and it seemed as though nothing could stop them.

Ginger Manipulation

Simon Fraser, whom they dubbed "The Roadie" as none of them could remember his name, would go to the bands every practise, gig and social event. He would help the band with their equipment, give them feedback on the quality of their performance and even give advice when it was not wanted. Iza was living with Simon at the time and arrived home one afternoon only to find his housemate casually lounging around the house with nothing particularly important to do. They were still bringing their new drummer up to speed and Iza half heartedly stated that he should fill in on Bass for a night, which after minor contemplation he agreed to. One night turned into one month and one month into one year and ironically he had once again been inadvertently employed by Na Maza.

A Match Made in Heaven
With the new line-up established the band formed up and powered forward. The bands original songs were polished and new songs where emerging that seemed to point the bands sound in a new direction. The band stocked up on merchandise and headed to the ANU Refectory to compete in the Canberra Emergenza Festival finals. Na Maza's dedicated fans went wild and cranked out a brutal mosh pit that spilled onto the barrier and consumed innocent bystanders. The band stood amazed when they were announced the winners and were to be flown to Melbourne to compete in the Melbourne state finals. Bewildered, yet full of life the individual band members made their way around the room thanking the fans who had just pushed them through to the next round.

With the upcoming trip to Melbourne the band decided their live CD was just not good enough and they would have to venture into the recording studio once more to record an EP. Thankfully, the band was more successful this time around and very pleased with the fruits of their labour.

For three months the band continued gigging and selling their band as best they could, then prepared for their quest to Melbourne. The band didn't get the result it was hoping for and returned home with a slightly lowered self esteem. Mila immediately took charge, not willing to let the band fall into a depressive rut. He laid out tasks and goals for the band that none of them thought they could achieve. As time went on, their goals got closer, the missing self esteem started to return and it seemed Mila's quick thinking had saved the band from dejection.

Once again the band booked out quickly and their new songs Misery, Worship the Golden Calf, Only Seed and Blown away seemed to be a hit with the fans. They revisited the studio several times and played at venues such as The Basement, The Marram, Hush Lounge and The Pot Belly. Recently a new photographer emerged, a professional named Travis Eccleston from Gig Pigs Photography who always manages to get in a few embarrassing shots. They also hired a Graphic Designer named Danny Norton to design their webpage and new logos.

Present Day
The band is currently playing and practising as often as possible and working towards producing an album.

The Future

The main focus of the band at the moment is establishing a larger fan base in Canberra, Na Maza's top priority is leaving the Canberra metal core market with a post orgasmic chill

Stay tuned for more adventures with Na Maza through Facebook, My Space and here at our Web Site for gig dates, contact details and fresh merchandise. Prepare your ear pussy's to experience the raw, unmitigated metal fest that is Na Maza.
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