Nails Of Imposition
Nails Of Imposition

Genre: Death Metal

Based in: Perth, WA

Brendan Nock - Drums
Jared Thornton - Bass
Chris Henderson - Guitars
Matt Goodwin - Vocals

Years active:

Bloodletting Eroticism (2012)
Nails Of Imposition Demo (2009)

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Nails Of Imposition


Nails Of Imposition was conceived in mid-2007 by Brendan Nock (Drums), Brett White (vocals) and Valent Macukat (guitar), with a vision of creating brutal yet technical death metal. The band immediately began seriously rehearsing. Potential material was quickly surfacing and the band sought other prospective death heads to join arms.

Over the next year the band experienced numerous member changes, including the exit of founding member Brett due to musical differences. Brendan and Valent continued to write, and by August 2008 the band found a consolidated line-up in Chris Henderson (second guitar), Jared Thornton (bass, ex-Skeksis, All This Filth) and Matt Goodwin (vocals, ex-Diachrone).

With a shared vision, combining old school influences with modern brutality and technicality, more material was rapidly written and by November 2008 Nails of Imposition began playing live. In the brief period following, the band played a plethora of shows, to an extremely positive response. Energised, Nails of Imposition has since been determined to continue to push this brutal juggernaut further.

In early 2009 Nails of Imposition recorded their first promo, and in 2012 released their debut album, 'Bloodletting Eroticism'.

Thus far the band has been privileged to play in direct support of such national and international acts as Cannibal Corpse (USA), Morbid Angel (USA), Rotten Sound (Finland), Ruins (Tasmania), Psycroptic (Tasmania), The Amenta (Sydney), Beyond Terror Beyond Grace (Sydney), Macabre (USA), Rome (Queensland), Disentomb (Queensland), Rezume (Indonesia), Alarum (Melbourne), Burgerkill (Indonesia), Death Vomit (Indonesia), Defamer (Queensland).

Nails of Imposition have almost completed composing material for the forthcoming (as yet untitled) sophomore album, and will be looking to tour upon its release.

Prepare to be Nailed!


Nails Of Imposition Nails Of Imposition


Rust In Perth 2014

Jul 12, 2014 Civic Hotel in Perth, WA
Presented by Executioner Promotions and held at the iconic Civic Hotel, RUST IN PERTH 2014 punished Perth with eleven hours of skull-crushing metal mayhem by eleven of Perth's slickest metal ... read

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