Oath Of Damnation
Oath Of Damnation

Genre: Death / Black Metal

Based in: Adelaide, SA

Formosus - Sermons & Keys
Nekromancer - Guitar
Doomsayer - Bass
Constantine - Drums

Years active:

The Descent (2014)
Demo 2012 Demo (2012)

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Oath Of Damnation


Unearthed and held before a Cadaver Synod, and beheaded posthumously,the spirit of the vengeful Pope Formosus resides within this death/black metal quartet. An oath of damnation is cast upon all, unleashing blasphemous sermon over an onslaught of dark, symphonic death metal destruction. Darkness is that which claws from the grave, and darkness in Metal it shall bring...

Led by the spirit of Formosus, murdered and ridiculed posthumously, inhabiting the vessel that stands behind it's lecturn, performing symphonic keys and spewing vile blasphemies in an other-worldly tongue filled with vengeance against the faith which had so brutally betrayed him. He is joined by the skinsmasher Constantine, delivering a battering ram of high velocity to provide the foundation for Formosus' tales of betrayal, death, and vengeance. Flanking Formosus in this sonic punishment are the entities Nekromancer, who's six string savagery is well known from his previous life in the dark metal band DARKLORD, and Doomsayer, bringing the low end Bass tremors, also known in his past life of DARKLORD and BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS.

With the quartet complete and ready, the live damnations began in 2012, with the first opening for Singapore's Impiety. From there, the sermons increased, performing many live rituals, including fast growing premier underground festival BLACK CONJURATION FEST, and the city of churches other growing metalfest THE NEW DEAD festival, bringing the words of damnation to not just the underground scene, but also to crowds of more mainstream metal interests, not afraid to reach out to both sides of the metal spectrum!

In 2012, a 4 track demo was savagely beaten into existence and spread out amongst the flock to further the villainous cause.

Live sermons also continued to take place throughout 2012 and 2013, seeing this darkened entity stretch it's vile worship beyond it's home borders and farther into the continent at large. 2013 also saw their damnations open for Finland's MOONSORROW, and a new recording of hymns, which was released early this year (2014) as a full length CD entitled 'THE DESCENT'.

Now armed with their debut release, the rituals and damnations will continue to spread, bringing the sounds of black/death villainy, vengeance, and destruction to the metal congregations!


Oath Of Damnation Oath Of Damnation


New Dead Fest VI

Mar 14, 2015 Fowlers Live in Adelaide, SA
Work, school, paying bills....kids (those who have them) it's all a bit of a drag making time slow down but when you have something so awesome to look forward to it seems to go a little faster ... read

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