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Perpetual Dawn
Perpetual Dawn

Genre: Melodic Folk / Black Metal

Based in: Adelaide, SA

Daniel Kuzmanovski - Vocals / Guitars, Bass / Lead Keyboards / Composition / Lyrics
Brody Green - Drums
Josh Young - Keyboard Programming

Years active:

Pale Blue Skies... EP (2013)
...And Become The Essence Of Night Demo (2009)

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Perpetual Dawn


Perpetual Dawn is a melodic folk/black metal project, started by Daniel Kuzmanovski in 2009. Since releasing a demo in 2009 (and releasing it physically in 2011), Perpetual Dawn has completed a new EP of 6 tracks entitled 'Pale Blue Skies...". This EP also features a new logo designed by Christophe Szpajdel (who also designed logo for bands such as Emperor / Arcturus / Old Mans Child / Empyrium). The new EP also features two guest musicians Brody Green (drums) and Josh Young (additional keyboards).


Perpetual Dawn Perpetual Dawn