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Post Life Disorder
Post Life Disorder

Genre: Sludge / Groove / Death Metal

Based in: Brisbane, QLD

Rudi Weber - Percussion & Vocals
Anthony Palmer - Vocals & Guitar
Damien Palmer - Bass & Vocals
Mick Jeffery - Lead guitar & Vocals

Years active:

Post-Life Disorder (2003)
Self-Operate-Lobotomy EP (1999)

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Post Life Disorder


Post Life Disorder (originally with a hyphon, ie Post-Life), was conceived in late 1996 by Julian 'Jules' Turpin and 'Anthony 'Antz' Palmer. The idea was to simply create the heaviest music we could. Soon we found the perfect drummer in Rudi 'Rude' Weber. His manic style and punk attitude suited perfectly. Jules and Antz were both playing guitar and looking for a bassist - but no one was up for the task, so Antz took on bass duties. The result was a 3-piece unit of angry, thrash infused grind, with elements of doom and general rock.

Over the coming years the band became regulars on the Brisbane circuit - playing with bands of all styles of hard and heavy music. One week would be a gig with Toe To Toe or Mindsnare - the next week with Astriaal or Misery. In between there was many a crusty punk/hardcore gig, and even mainstream shows (Superheist supported PLD on their EP launch). Eventually the venue 'The Chelsea' caught wind of the hard-working consistency of PLD, and became the band's official booking agents. This of course meant many decent support slots (not to mention free entry into every show).

The band released an EP titled 'Self-Operate-Lobotomy' in 1999, and the song 'Dawn of a New Madness' (one of the more slow/doom styled tracks) caught the ear of Costa Zoulio, then programmer of Triple J radio' metal show 'Three Hours of Power'. A quick shortening in the length of the song, and it was included on the 'Full metal Racket' compilation, which also included the likes of Slipknot, Bruce Dickinson, Anthrax and more. Supports for the likes of Skinlab, Kittie, Entombed, Dystopia, Destruction, Voivod (Metallica, Deftones, Murder Dolls and more if you include fests) and more, along with appearances at festivals including Metal for the Brain, Overcranked, 4ZZZ Marketday and even Big Day Out, secured PLD's spot as one of Australia's premiere 'Metal' bands.

in 2003 the band was experimenting with new sounds and styles, and wrote a bunch of new songs which were recorded by Dave Leonard (Butterfly Effect, Japunga etc). The result is not a polished effort, as one might expect from this studio, but still captured the essence of the band - that being a creative outlet for inner turmoil via masses of volume and distortion. The LP was self-titled.. fitting in a way considering the bands' direction. Post-Life Disorder - the name says it all.

Good reviews followed, with some more touring and local gigging. But the hard work was taking it's toll on the band, and Jules seemingly became disillusioned with a scene where PLD was perhaps a misunderstood outfit. In a world where people need to define different genres, PLD was still finding its artistic footing. It would be years later, in a different musical climate that it started to make sense to Rudi and Antz.

Jules had joined the Army, not too long after that last release, so Antz and Rudi re-ignited the flame. New songs are being written, and the new sound is even heavier than before. Most importantly, the main key ingredients for the PLD concept remain intact - madness, despair and anger. The name was briefly changed to 'Eve(R)est' for various reasons, but we decided that ultimately, it's PLD at the core. So PLD it remains. The few comeback shows that ensued were overwhelming and showed more promise than ever - the name has retained it's profile so it seems.

Rave Mag Review 22/3/11: 'Switching the vibe on its head, the mysteriously dark three-piece Post Life Disorder make an appearance despite having only played The Basement once according to singer/bassist Antz Palmer. While their line-up has changed, Rudi Weber frequently chips in on vocals and they re-create their super heavy prog-infused sludge with distinction...'

Late 2012 the search for some permanent members began, as Antz had more material and massive drive to make more refined noise. The ball began to roll again, slowly, late '12, early '13. There was promise and as much effort that was available, was put in. Mick Jeffery, guitarist for Widow the Sea, and Damien Palmer, bassist for Widow the Sea and metal giants The Berzerker, were brought into the equation in early 2013 in preparation for some shows. This period has proven to be the heaviest the band has ever sounded, and tighter. As the PLD song of the same name exclaims - this is the DAWN OF A NEW MADNESS.


Post Life Disorder Post Life Disorder


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