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Risen Dred
Risen Dred

Genre: Blackened Thrash & Crust

Based in: Blacktown, NSW

James Walker - Bass & Vocals
Chris Walker - Drums

Years active:

Sounds of the Underground (2013)

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Risen Dred


Risen Dred started in late 2011 when Guitarist Adam Oppliger, fresh from his break up with former band 'Construct of Malice' met with mutual friend and Drummer Chris Walker. The two met frequently and started practicing together occasionally. They spent the remainder of the year writing songs and lyrics and slowly building up enough material to start playing shows. It wasn't till May of 2012 that Chris's brother and Bassist James Walker joined the band. As of November 2012 Adam Oppliger stepped up to the roll of Vocalist after having difficulties finding a lead singer. All three members adding in their own inspanidual influences make the unique sound of Risen Dred.

Risen Dred is a mixing pot of various sounds and influences. Harsh vocals followed by wailing cleans, reminiscent of Later Darkthrone. Though not strictly sticking to the Crust / Darkthrone style, Risen Dred also incorporate crushing sounds like Celtic Frost or Obituary. Speed and Anger, Hate and Power Risen Dred assault the senses.

Drawing inspiration from great bands such as Darkthrone, Carcass, Death and Celtic Frost, Risen Dred are what the Metal used to be, Raw and Ear Assaulting. Blast Beats, Fast Guitar, and one hell of a Bass, Risen Dred give a big F*CK YOU to the Modern Metal and play it their way, LOUD. Risen Dred also look like Risen Zombies - incorporating Face Make-up and Fake Blood!


Risen Dred


Hillbilly 19 July

Jul 19, 2013 Valve Bar in Sydney, NSW
This week we were heading to the Valve Bar in Tempe for a Hillbily promotion concert. Headliner was Atomesquad with 4 other bands (Cryptic Scorn, Hematic, Risen Dred and Fatigue) warming everybody up ... read