Genre: Hard Rock

Based in: Hobart, TAS

Neil Steel - Vocals
Zig - Guitars
James Basser - Guitars
Ted Tedington - Bass Guitars
Brendan 'Squid' Shelverton - Drums

Years active:

Extinct (2016)
Live 2015 Live CD (2015)
Profanity & Innuendo (CD) 2014
God Bless America (CD) 2007
More to Come EP (2007)

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ROADKILL formed in 2006 - in response to a lack of genuine hard rock bands in Hobart!

ROADKILL were signed to Melodic Rock Records in 2016 for the release of their latest album, "E X T I N C T" - which is produced by Joe Haley (Psycroptic) which features balls out, old school styled, hard rock metal music!

The band have received countless positive reviews as well as radio 'airplay' in numerous territories around the world, including prestige names like, Burrn, Classic Rock, Fireworks, Powerply, Sleaze Roxx, decibel Geek, KNAC.COM - just to name a few.

The band have released the following self financed products - "E X T I N C T" (2016), "LIVE" (2015), "Profanity & Innuendo" (2012), "God Bless America" (2007) and the bands' debut EP, "More To Come" (2007).

ROADKILL line up is: Neil (vocals), Zig (guitars), Jim (guitars), Ted (bass) and Squid (drums) with the band playing shows all over their home state of Tasmania, as well as shows in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. The band will be playing shows overseas in 2018 - to be announced.

A number of video clips can be seen @ - under ROADKILL (Australia).


Roadkill Roadkill Roadkill Roadkill


Profanity and Innuendo 2013

Profanity and Innuendo

Profanity and Innuendo is the name of the album by hard rock outfit, Roadkill. A title that comes easily because that is pretty much what you get on this recording. Generally throughout this is ... read

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