Silent Knight
Silent Knight

Genre: Power Metal

Based in: Perth, WA

Jesse Onur Oz - Vocals
Cameron Daw - Bass
Stu McGill - Guitar
Cameron Nicholas - Lead Guitar
Paul Wrigley - Drums

Years active:

Conquer & Command (2015)
Power Metal Supreme EP (2014)
Masterplan (2013)
Silent Knight Promo Sampler Demo (2011)

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Silent Knight


Hailing from the isolated landscapes of Perth, Western Australia SILENT KNIGHT are a new breed of traditional power metal breathing new life into the genre heavily influenced by the European kings of heavy metal HELLOWEEN, IRON MAIDEN, GAMMA RAY & BLIND GUARDIAN combined with the aggressive speed of ICED EARTH, STORMWARRIOR and MEGADETH.

Climbing the ranks of Perth's metal scene since 2011, SILENT KNIGHT gained nation wide recognition in November 2012 when the band were chosen to be apart of Steel Assassins Festival - Australia's premier traditional/power metal fest in Sydney.

SILENT KNIGHT were then chosen to support ex-IRON MAIDEN legends Blaze Bayley and Paul Dianno in Perth on their co-headline 2012 Australia tour.

In February 2013 the band released their debut album 'Masterplan'. The album was mixed and mastered by Dan Grainger (DeathFuckingCunt, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace) at Maelstrom Studios in Perth. The album is a solid mix of   traditional and power metal that encompasses a story of how SILENT KNIGHT came to be. Guitarist, Stu McGill explains.

'Back in 2010 I drew up a master plan of what I felt was the recipe for a successful traditional power metal band in Australia. When I meet lead guitarist, Cameron Nicholas by chance we become the best of friends. Believing in the plan I showed him, Cameron and I begun writing material together.

Finding quality band members happened by chance when we discovered the talents of vocalist Zoran Cunjak and drummer Paul Wrigley, who at the time recently moved to Australia. Bassist, Cameron Daw soon followed and thus SILENT KNIGHT was born. Everything seemed to be fate. Almost like it was meant to be.'

Word has now begun to spread and the album is now stocked not only in Australia but also France, Germany, Greece, Japan and the US.

SILENT KNIGHT are committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional heavy metal in Australia. Offering solid riffs, soaring vocals and epic tales of self empowerment and sorcery.


Silent Knight Silent Knight Silent Knight


Masterplan 2013


Silent Knight are a relatively young band, only having been around since 2009. They're also a bit of an anomaly in the Australian metal spectrum, being just about the only band from their home state ... read

Conquer and Command 2015

Conquer and Command

Back in 2015 Silent Knight released Conquer and Command, an 11 track album of pure Power Metal greatness. The album begins with an instrumental called A Call To Arms. This track is exactly that, it ... read

The Angel Reborn 2017

The Angel Reborn

The EP opens with a fresh recording of When The Fallen Angel Flies from the band's debut album Masterplan. This recording is how far the band has come in a short period of time. While the original ... read


Aug 15, 2017


Following the success of their recent tour of Germany, including a well received performance at the Headbangers Open Air Festival and to promote the release of their re recorded debut album The ... read

Silent Knight: To re-release debut album "The Masterplan" in July
Jun 20, 2017

Silent Knight: To re-release debut album "The Masterplan" in July

"The Masterplan" was Perth power metallers Silent Knight's debut full-lenghts in 2013. The band decided to completely re record & re package the album.
The band says on their Facebook page ... read

Tour flyer



Interview with Silent Knight on Jun 20, 2014

- Hailing from the shores of the west coast of Australia, Perth power metal band SILENT KNIGHT are a new breed of traditional power metal that have been climbing the ranks of the local metal scene since 2011, releasing their debut album 'MASTERPLAN' in February 2013.

After taking the helm as one of the headline acts at Perth's first ever instalment of the Stormrider Heavy Metal Festival at the ... Metal-Roos: Where did the story of Silent Knight start? Silent Knight developed from the ashes of rhythm guitarist and band founder, Stu McGill's, previous bands and out of a desire to find ... read


Rust In Perth 2014

Jul 12, 2014 Civic Hotel in Perth, WA
Presented by Executioner Promotions and held at the iconic Civic Hotel, RUST IN PERTH 2014 punished Perth with eleven hours of skull-crushing metal mayhem by eleven of Perth's slickest metal ... read

Stormrider Heavy Metal Festival

May 24, 2014 Civic Hotel in Perth, WA
Wow, finally! It's been so many months we have been looking forward to this festival! The flights had been booked for over half a year and there was a keen exchange with our Perth contacts. And ... read

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