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Genre: Thrash Metal

Based in: Sydney, NSW

Dane Simms - Guitar & Vocals
Jamie Simms - Lead Bass
Luke Jackson - Drums

Years active:

The Ultimate Offering EP (2014)

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A force of high-energy hair-flailing head-banging destruction, Sydney's SteelSwarm are inspired by real metal.

SteelSwarm performances are full of high energy anger fuelled metal madness, it's never a boring show with SteelSwarm on the bill.

Forged in a hellish jail like room brothers Dane and Jamie started creating the head crushing rhythms of SteelSwarm in 2007.

After spending five years in solitary confinement they abandoned everything else to chase the metal in April 2012.

After playing their first gig on Jul 29, they have been playing shows constantly.

One of the main skills gained from all this is how to fit all the bands gear and the members in one family sized sedan.




The Ultimate Offering 2013

The Ultimate Offering

The Ultimate Offering is the debut EP by Steelswarm. Steelswarm is made up of the Simms brothers Jamie and Dane. The two of them have created an excellent album of thrash songs, a sound not that far ... read


SteelSwarm: Fear The Swarm Project
Oct 6, 2015

SteelSwarm: Fear The Swarm Project

SteelSwarm have been tearing up Australia's local scene since the release of their debut EP ''The Ultimate Offering'' back in Feb 2014, hitting all the Metal hotspots from Brisbane all the way down ... read